Rimforest Animal Hospital

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Because of the shorter lifespan of our pets, we stress the importance of an annual physical examination. Thorough check-ups and preventive care can help alleviate serious health problems. We offer a wide range of veterinary services to keep your companions feeling their best.

Wellness Care

Wellness care for puppies, kittens, as well as, adult and mature dogs and cats.

  • Physical examinations
  • vaccinations
  • Microchip implantation
  • Spaying & Neutering
  • Baseline annual bloodwork
  • Internal and external parasite control and testing
  • Heartworm testing
  • Feline viral testing


While your pet is undergoing surgery, he or she will be closely observed by a team of outstanding veterinary health professionals.  In addition to your veterinarian, a skilled surgery technician will provide anesthesia support, ,monitoring, IV fluids, careful temperature control and provide proactive pain management.

Some of the surgeries offered include:

  • Spaying & Neutering
  • CO2 Laser
  • GI Surgery
  • Oral Dentistry
  • Growth and tumor removal
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Skin and wound repair
  • Urinary surgery
  • And much more


It is. important to maintain good oral hygiene in humans, as well as, our pets.  We can prevent oral ailments and maintain a strong dental health.  Some signs of dental disease include:

      • Bad breath
      • Excessive drooling
      • Discolored teeth
      • Loss of appetite or not eating

When a pet’s dental care is unresolved, some major side effects can be:

      • Prolonged pain
      • Tooth loss
      • infections
      • Heart, liver and kidney disease

By bringing your pet in for annual exams, we can evaluate and possible prevent future health problems and keep your pet healthy for a long time. 

In-house diagnostics

We offer a variety of laboratory services in house with results within 30 minutes.  This can be extremely important when your pet is very ill.  This services include:

  • Complete blood counts, internal organ function evaluation, and a comprehensive urinalysis.
  • Digital x-rays that are displayed on our computers in the exam room for you to view.
  • Ultrasound gives a better look into structures within the body that digital x-ray can not give.


We offer boarding for both dogs and cats. Including:

We have spacious cages with comfortable bedding and even toys for the cats.

Dogs get walked 3-4 times a day while be closely monitored for any signs of unrest or health issues.

Requirements for dogs boarding with us:

  • Physical exam within the last year
  • Vaccines current:

Requirements for cats boarding with us:

  • Physical exam within the last year
  • Vaccines current:

    Additional Services

    • Acupuncture
    • Therapeutic laser